Tribal Waste and Response

Introduction to Brownfields


This short course will provide participants with: an understanding of what brownfields are, tribal examples of brownfields sites, a summary of brownfields funding sources, how tribes may be able to access brownfields funding, who was using brownfields grant money as of 2013, and contact information for free brownfields technical assistance available to tribes. 

This course has been developed from a public webinar delivered during ITEP’s 2014 Tribal Environmental and Planning online course. Special thanks to Campbell Environmental Group for the coordination of presenters, development, and delivery of the original webinar. This course is equivalent to 0.4 CEUs and requires approximately 4 hours of total learning time. CEUs are earned by completing the following course modules; course content is also available on-demand for the casual learner:

  • What are Brownfields?
  • Tribal Brownfields Examples
  • Tribal Brownfields Funding


After completing this online course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand what Brownfields are.
  • Locate resources for identifying possible Brownfields sites.
  • Identify Brownfields grant programs that may be applicable to their tribe.
  • Understand the distribution of Brownfields funding.


Presenters include:

Dale Mitchell, Brownfields Program Coordinator, Pleasant Point Passamaquoddy Tribe

Amy Jean McKeown, Brownfields Project Officer, United States Environmental Protection Agency

Rich Campbell, Geologist, Campbell Environmental Group

Glenn Daukas, Campbell Environmental Group

Feel free to email us at itep-elearning@nau.edu if you have questions.


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Course Content

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  • PageReceiving Your Certificate of Completion
  • ForumQ/A and Comments: Introduction to Brownfields
  • ForumAnnouncements
  • ForumIntroduce Yourself
  • FilePresentation Slides for 1.1 Video: Presenter Introductions and Brownfields Overview
  • Page1.1 Video: Presenter Introductions and Brownfields Overview
  • URL1.2 Activity: Explore EPA's Brownfields Program
  • URL1.3 Activity: Brownfields Resources
  • FilePresentation Slides for 2.1 Video: Passamaquaoddy Tribe Case Study
  • Page2.1 Video: Passamaquaoddy Tribe Case Study
  • File2.2 Activity: Learn About Specific Tribal Funding Examples
  • Forum2.3 Discussion: Share with other participants how you may consider using Brownfields funding.
  • FilePresentation Slides for 3.1 Video: USEPA's Brownfields Grant Programs
  • Page3.1 Video: USEPA's Brownfields Grant Programs
  • File3.2 USEPA Region 10 BF Revitalization Program Assistance Overview 2015
  • FilePresentation Slides for 3.3 Video: USEPA's BF Grant Program Statistics and Statistics and Free BF Technical Assistance
  • Page3.3 Video: USEPA's BF Grant Program Statistics and Statistics and Free BF Technical Assistance
  • AssignmentReflective Writing: Introduction to Brownfields
  • QuizIntroduction to BF Final Exam
  • QuestionnaireIntroduction to BF Course Evaluation
  • Custom certificateIntroduction to Brownfields Certificate