Tribal Air Quality

Air Quality Planning for Wildland Smoke


Participants enrolled in this course are expected to have some background in air quality. After completing this online course, participants will:

  • Understand how to plan for wildland smoke.
  • Understand what to look for during a wildland smoke event.

This online course was developed as an introduction to air quality planning for wildland smoke, the impacts of smoke on communities, and how to minimize exposure. This online course is equivalent to 1.0 Continuing Education Unit (CEU) and requires approximately 10 hours of total learning time. CEUs are earned by completing the following course modules:

  • 1.0 Wildfire Smoke and Health Concerns
  • 2.0 Wildfire Smoke Community Outreach
  • 3.0 Tribal Case Studies
  • 4.0 New Technology and Monitoring

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Course Content

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  • FileCourse Navigation Instructions
  • ForumIntroduce Yourself Here
  • Page1.1 Video: Wildfire Smoke and Your Health
  • Page1.2 Video: Reducing the Public Health Impacts of Smoke
  • Page1.3 Video: Comparative Toxicity of Biomass Smoke from Different Fuels and Combustion Conditions
  • Page1.4 Video: Residential and Community Strategies to Prevent Forest Fire Smoke Exposures
  • Page1.5 Video: Risk Reduction and Monitoring/ Filters
  • Interactive Content1.6 Wildland Smoke and Health Concerns Quiz
  • Page2.1 Video: Getting the Word Out Using Facebook
  • Page2.2 Video: Ready, Set, Go – Wildfire Smoke Community Outreach
  • Page2.3 Video: Distributing Portable Air Cleaners for Wildfire Smoke Events & DIY Filter/Fan Projects in Seattle
  • Page2.4 Video: Where There’s Wildland Smoke, There Are Air Resource Advisors
  • Page2.5 ARA Presentation – Mike McGown, Powerpoint (no video)
  • Page2.6 Video: Educational Outreach
  • Interactive Content2.7 Wildland Smoke Community Outreach Quiz
  • Page3.1a Video: The Yurok Tribe’s 2017 Wildfire Disaster Response and Reintroduction of Prescribed Fire to Help Prevent Future Wildfires
  • Page3.1b Video: Yurok Tribe's Response to Historic 2020 Northern California Wildfire Season (2021 NTFAQ Presentation)
  • Page3.2 Video: Preparing for the Next Wildland Fire Season
  • Page3.3 Video: Washoe Environmental Protection Department Air Quality Program
  • Interactive Content3.4 Tribal Case Studies Quiz
  • Page4.1 Video: Development of the 2014 Wildland Fire NEI
  • Page4.2 Video: Next Generation Wildfires: Firestorms at the Urban-Wildland Interface
  • Page4.3 Video: Modeling Tools and Monitor Information for Smoke Impacts
  • Page4.4 Video: Wildland Fires Research
  • Page4.5 Video: Overview of Emerging Air Quality Monitoring Technologies and Their Data
  • Page4.6 Video: Air Quality Smoke Map and Resources for Smoke and Smoke Impact
  • Interactive Content4.7 New Technology and Monitoring Quiz
  • FileWildfire Smoke Resources
  • AssignmentWildland Smoke Reflective Writing
  • QuestionnaireWildland Smoke Course Evaluation
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