Tribal Air Quality

Tribal Data Toolbox Version 3.1


This online training is not an "informational course," but is a rigorous course in which participants complete work products, guided by ITEP instructional staff. Modules contain video presentations, homework assignments, discussions, and one-on-one assistance. 

This course is designed for tribal environmental professionals who are currently monitoring or collecting data for at least one criteria pollutant or for meteorological conditions. It is not possible to take the course without having criteria air pollutants or meteorological data files from their air monitoring stations. Demonstrations use example data, but all assignments are individualized to each participant. Participants are expected to have intermediate-level working knowledge of Microsoft Windows. Although the course is structured around a Microsoft Access database, the database is form-driven and user-friendly; therefore, no previous Access experience is necessary.

During this training, participants will import continuous pollutant and met data, begin entering data from quality control checks performed on their air monitoring samplers, validate their data, generate reports, charts, and AQS-formatted files. 

This online training is equivalent to 8 continuing education units (CEUs) and requires approximately 80 hours of total learning time.

Instructor: Angelique Maureen Luedeker, Angelique.Luedeker@nau.edu 928-282-8101

Online platform technical support: itep-elearning@nau.edu 

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Course Content

  • FileCourse Navigation Instructions
  • ForumFrequently Asked Questions and Comments
  • ForumAnnouncements
  • ForumDiscussion: Introduce Yourself
  • PageVideo: How to Show Full Filenames with Extensions
  • FileCourse Introduction and Demonstration Notes (these accompany the videos in this module)
  • FileModule 1 Supplemental Slides
  • PageVideo 1A: Introduction to Toolbox Database
  • PageVideo 1B: Overview of Course Modules
  • PageVideo 1C: Data File Logistics
  • PageVideo 1D: Database Logbook
  • PageVideo 1E: Closing Forms and Saved Data
  • PageVideo: Module 1 Homework
  • AssignmentAssignment 1A: Install the Toolbox
  • AssignmentAssignment 1B: Designate a Database Logbook
  • AssignmentAssignment 1C: Sample Data Files
  • FileModule 2 Demonstration Notes (these accompany the video in this module)
  • FileVideo 2 Slides
  • PageVideo 2: Five Functions of Toolbox
  • AssignmentAssignment 2: Develop a Site and Sampler List
  • FileModule 3 Demonstration Notes (these accompany the videos in this module)
  • PageVideo 3A: Entering Personnel Data
  • PageVideo 3B: Editing Personnel Data
  • PageVideo 3C: Entering Site Data
  • PageVideo 3D: Editing Site Data
  • PageVideo 3E: Adding Samplers
  • PageVideo 3F: Editing Sampler Information
  • AssignmentAssignment 3: Enter Personnel, Site, and Sampler Data into the Toolbox
  • FileModule 4 Demonstration Notes (these accompany the videos in this module)
  • FolderQC Data Collection Sheets for Imaginary Samplers
  • PageVideo 4A: Intro to QC
  • PageVideo 4B: Ozone QC Data Into Toolbox
  • PageVideo 4C: Data Entry of Toolbox-Calculated QC
  • PageVideo 4D: 2nd Ozone QC Check
  • PageVideo 4E: Continuous PM QC Data Entry
  • PageVideo 4F: Closing Toolbox and Homework
  • AssignmentAssignment 4: Enter Data from QC Checks into the Toolbox
  • FileModule 5 Demonstration Notes (these accompany the videos in this module)
  • FolderData Files from Imaginary Samplers
  • FolderExample Toolbox-Ready Files
  • FolderNotes for each of the videos below
  • PageVideo 5A: Toolbox Import Files pt 1
  • PageVideo 5B: Toolbox Ready Comma Delimited File (O3)
  • PageVideo 5C: Space Delimited Dat File into Excel
  • PageVideo 5D: Comma Delimited Met Data
  • AssignmentAssignment 5: Let's Generate Toolbox-Ready Files
  • AssignmentTribal Data Toolbox Reflective Writing 1
  • FileModule 6 Demonstration Notes (these accompany the videos in this module)
  • PageVideo 6A: Importing a Text File
  • PageVideo 6B: Importing Spreadsheet File
  • AssignmentAssignment 6: Import a Pollutant Concentration Toolbox-Ready File
  • FileModule 7 Demonstration Notes (these accompany the videos in this module)
  • PageVideo 7: Importing Text File Using Example Met Data
  • PageVideo 7A: Column Mapping
  • AssignmentAssignment 7: Import a Meteorological Toolbox-Ready File
  • FileModule 8 Demonstration Notes (these accompany the videos in this module)
  • PageVideo 8A: Continuous Data Validation, Individual Records
  • PageVideo 8B: Bulk Invalidation of Many Records
  • PageVideo 8C: Met Data Review and Invalidation
  • AssignmentAssignment 8: Backup Your Toolbox and Validate Data
  • FileModule 9 Demonstration Notes (these accompany the videos in this module)
  • PageVideo 9A: Reports and Charts
  • PageVideo 9B: Reports and Charts, and Gap Filling
  • AssignmentAssignment 9: Explore Toolbox Reports and Charts
  • FileModule 10 Demonstration Notes (these accompany the videos in this module)
  • PageVideo 10A: AQS Monitor Protocol Codes Introduction
  • PageVideo 10B: Importing AQS File Add AQS Monitor Protocol
  • PageVideo 10C: Manually Adding Continuous PM2.5 AQS Protocol Codes
  • PageVideo 10D: Manually Adding Met AQS Protocol Codes
  • AssignmentAssignment 10: Import or Enter AQS Sampling Methodology into the Toolbox
  • FileModule 11 Demonstration Notes (these accompany the videos in this module)
  • PageVideo 11A: Generating AQS-Formatted Files, Intro and Example 1
  • PageVideo 11B: PM2.5 AQS-Formatted File
  • PageVideo 11C: AQS Formatted Met Data Files
  • ForumDiscussion: What Do You Think of the Toolbox?
  • AssignmentAssignment 11: Let's Generate AQS Files
  • AssignmentTribal Data Toolbox Reflective Writing 2
  • QuestionnaireTribal Data Toolbox Course Evaluation