This series consists of nine courses and addresses all 24 sections/elements of a Quality Assurance Project Plan. It is designed for tribal professionals who need to write or revise a QAPP for an environmental data gathering project and will provide the structure, tools, examples, and other information for your Tribal program or organization's QAPP. 

  • Before starting this online course series, it is recommended but not required that you complete QA Fundamentals (QA101), which introduces the basics of quality assurance, and QAPP: Project Background & Summary (QA201). To complete QA Fundamentals and QAPP: Project Background & Summary, go to
  • Participants who are revising an existing QAPP, or require a refresher in only particular sections or elements, can complete only the courses needed. Contact Chris Lee ( for more information.

This online course is equivalent to 0.8 continuing education units (CEUs) and requires approximately 8 hours of total learning time and contains pre-recorded presentations, assignments, one-on-one assistance as needed, and other resources.

Instructor: Chris Lee,, 702-784-8264.