An EPA-approved Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) is required to implement any work funded by the EPA that involves the acquisition of environmental data generated from direct measurement activities, collected from other sources, or compiled from computerized databases and information systems. All data gathering projects, including those that are self-funded, require a QAPP to ensure the project is designed and documented to provide legally-defensible data.

This series consists of nine courses and addresses all 24 sections/elements of a Quality Assurance Project Plan. It is designed for tribal professionals who need to write or revise a QAPP for an environmental data gathering project and will provide the structure, tools, examples, and other information for your Tribal program or organization's QAPP. 

  • Before starting this online course series, it is recommended but not required that you complete QA Fundamentals (QA101) which introduces the basics of quality assurance. To begin QA Fundamentals, visit
  • Participants who are revising an existing QAPP, or require a refresher in only particular sections or elements, can complete only the courses needed. Contact Chris Lee ( for more information.

This online course is equivalent to 0.8 continuing education units (CEUs) and requires approximately 8 hours of total learning time and contains pre-recorded presentations, assignments, one-on-one assistance, and other resources.

Instructor: Chris Lee,, 702-784-8264.