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e-Manual: Air Quality in Alaska Native Villages

Course overview

This e-Manual supports two courses.

Air Quality Course Goal: Develop a basic understanding of air quality, including the Environmental Protection Agency regulatory framework and beyond. Develop or improve a tribal air quality program plan and identify resources (financial and informational) to implement the program. Gain awareness of the Alaska air quality monitoring sensor network and how to use and share air quality information.

Indoor Air Quality Course Goal: Develop a basic understanding of indoor air quality. Develop or improve a tribal indoor air quality (IAQ) program plan and identify resources (financial and informational) to implement the program.  

For more information on the e-Manual or the accompanying courses, contact: 

  • Mansel Nelson, Program Manager, Indoor Air Quality in Tribal Communities / Tribal Environmental Education Outreach Program,
  • Christal Black, Assistant Manager, American Indian Air Quality Training Program, 

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Course Content

  • ForumAnnouncements
  • FileAgenda for the Air Quality Course
  • FileAir Quality in Alaska Native Communities Feedback
  • AssignmentTop 3 Air Quality Concerns and Issues
  • FilePowerPoint: Introduction to the Atmosphere and Weather
  • FilePowerPoint: Particulate Matter (PM)
  • AssignmentActivity: Monitoring Particulate Matter (PM) Using Wynd Tracker
  • FilePowerPoint: Clean Air Act (CAA)
  • FileCriteria Pollutants - NAAQS Table
  • FilePowerPoint: Dust Management
  • FolderResources: Dust Management Resources
  • FilePowerPoint: Air Toxics in Alaska
  • FilePowerPoint: Reducing Impacts of Trash Burning in Rural Alaska
  • FolderResources: Solid Waste Management in Rural Alaska
  • FilePowerPoint: Diesel Exhaust
  • FilePowerPoint: Wildfire Smoke - Air Quality Issues
  • FolderResources: Wildfire Smoke
  • FilePowerPoint: Wildfire Impacts to Indoor Air Quality
  • FolderResources: Wildfire Impacts to Indoor Air
  • FilePowerPoint: Air Quality Sensors in Alaska
  • FolderResources: Air Quality Sensors
  • FilePowerPoint: Case Study from Louden Village
  • FilePowerPoint: Case Study from Haines Borough
  • FilePowerPoint: Air Sensor Data
  • FilePowerPoint: Wynd Tracker Sensor Data
  • FolderResources: EPA Air Sensor Guidebook
  • FilePowerPoint: Funding for Tribal Air Quality Programs
  • no activity
  • AssignmentActivity: Complete Alaska Tribal Air Quality Phase 1 Assessment
  • AssignmentActivity: Identify IAQ Concerns iin Tribal Communities
  • FilePowerPoint: Basics of a Healthy Home
  • AssignmentActivity: Carbon Dioxide Measurements
  • FolderResources: Healthy Homes and Indoor Air Quality
  • FilePowerPoint: Radon
  • FolderResources: Radon
  • FilePowerPoint: Mold and Moisture
  • FolderResources: Mold and Moisture
  • no activity
  • no activity
  • AssignmentActivity: Planning a Tribal IAQ Program
  • FilePowerPoint: Cleaning for Healthier Buildings
  • FolderResources: Healthy Cleaning
  • FilePowerPoint: Residential Air Quality Priorities
  • FilePowerPoint: Woodstoves and Health
  • FolderResources: Woodstoves
  • FilePowerPoint: Environmental Strategies to Address Respiratory Infections
  • FolderResources: Assessment Checklists
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