Tribal Air Quality

e-Manual: Introduction to Air Quality in Tribal Communities

Course overview

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This is the pre-course activity for participants in the American Indian Air Quality Training Program (AIAQTP) course, Introduction to Tribal Air Quality (January 24-26, 2023). 


  • Mansel Nelson, Program Manager, Indoor Air Quality in Tribal Communities / Tribal Environmental Education Outreach Program,
  • Christal Black, Assistant Manager, American Indian Air Quality Training Program, 

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Course Content

  • FileCourse Agenda
  • AssignmentActivity: Identify air quality issues in your area
  • FileActivity – AQ Concerns in Tribal Communities
  • FilePowerPoint: Introduction to The Atmosphere and Weather
  • URLWind Roses - Charts and Tabular Data
  • URLGlobal Winds and Ocean Currents
  • AssignmentMonitoring Your Personal Air Quality
  • FilePowerPoint: Clean Air Act
  • FilePowerPoint: Air Quality NAAQS & Designations 101
  • PageResource: Video on Clean Air Act (CAA)
  • FolderResources: Clean Air Act
  • FilePowerPoint: Fossil Fuels
  • FileActivity: Greenhouse Gases and Climate Change Group Activity
  • FileResource: ITEP Tribes & Climate Change Program
  • FolderParticipant Questionnaires: Identify Air Quality Issues
  • FolderParticipant PowerPoints: Description of your Tribal Air Quality Program.
  • FileActivity: Action Planning
  • FolderResources: Guidance for Developing of Tribal Air Programs
  • FilePowerPoint: Emissions Inventories (EI)
  • FileActivity: Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) Activity
  • FileResource: Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) Activity with Example
  • FilePowerPoint: Air Quality Monitoring
  • FileResource: Technical Guidance for the Development of Tribal Air Monitoring Programs
  • FilePowerPoint: Data Management Introduction
  • FilePrinciples of Data Management
  • FolderVideos: Using Excel Spreadsheets
  • FolderSensor Data
  • FileResource: Data Tools and Professional Assistance
  • FilePowerPoint: Air Program Components: an Overview & Tribal Case Study
  • FilePowerPoint: Tribal Authorities
  • FilePowerPoint: Funding for Air Quality Programs
  • FilePowerPoint: EPA Funding
  • FilePowerPoint: Funding - Supplemental Environmental Project (SEP)
  • FilePowerPoint: Funding - National Institutes of Health
  • FilePowerPoint: Funding - Morongo Community Air Monitoring Network
  • FilePowerPoint: Education and Outreach
  • FolderResources: Education and Outreach
  • PageVideo: EPA Flag Program in Navajo Language
  • FilePowerPoint: Basics of a Healthy Building
  • FilePowerPoint: Introduction to Wildfire and Indoor Air Quality
  • URLScholar LMS: Radon Fundamentals
  • FolderVideos: Introductions to AIAQTP Staff
  • FolderPowerPoints: Introductions to AIAQTP Staff
  • URLEPA AirData Air Quality Monitors