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Building Performance: Improving IAQ in Warm Climates


Building Performance: Improving IAQ in Warm Climates provides tribal environmental professionals with building science principles and a review of how a home responds as a dynamic system in warm climates. 

Instructors delivering content for this online course expect you have a good understanding of indoor air quality (IAQ) basics and a basic understanding of IAQ and health, environmental conditions, structural design and construction, and operation and maintenance issues for residential homes in your community. This online course is equivalent to 0.8 continuing education units (CEUs) and requires approximately eight hours of total learning time. CEUs can be earned by completing the following course topics:

After completing this online course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain how the home responds as a “dynamic system.”
  • Identify basic building science principles.  
  • Have a Quality Assurance Project Plan for and educational outreach project on the topic of indoor air quality.

Presenters and Instructors:

Jed Harrison, former Indoor Air Quality/Building Science Researcher/EPA Lab Director

Mansel Nelson, Senior Program Coordinator, Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals - Environmental Education Outreach Program

Course Content

  • FileCourse Navigation Instructions
  • PageReceiving your Certificate of Completion
  • ForumAnnouncements
  • ForumIntroduce Yourself Here
  • ForumQuestions or comments about the course?
  • FilePresentation Slides for "Getting to Know Your Warm Climate Region"
  • AssignmentAssignment: Getting to know your warm climate
  • Interactive ContentGetting to Know Your Warm Climate Region
  • Interactive ContentKöppen Climate Classification System
  • Interactive ContentPRISM Climate Group
  • Interactive ContentPrecipitation
  • Interactive ContentDew Point, Relative Humidity, and Wet Bulb Temperature
  • Interactive ContentDOE/IECC/ASHRAE Climate Zones
  • Interactive ContentPsychrometric Chart
  • FilePresentation Slides for 1.1 Video: Factors to Consider for Diagnosing a Home
  • Page1.1 Video: Factors to Consider for Diagnosing a Home (5:45)
  • Forum1.2 Discussion: Factors Affecting Residential Homes in Your Community
  • AssignmentAssignment: Building Science Principles
  • FilePresentation Slides for Video: Key Building Science Principles
  • PageVideo: Key Building Science Principles (6:14)
  • FileResource file: Relative Humidity Chart
  • FilePresentation slides for Residential construction review
  • AssignmentAssignment: Residential Construction
  • Interactive ContentResidential Construction Review Warm Climates
  • Interactive ContentFoundations
  • Interactive ContentRoofs
  • Interactive ContentBuilding Envelope
  • Interactive ContentHVAC-Cooling
  • Interactive ContentAttics
  • FilePresentation slides for Assessing Potential Problems
  • AssignmentAssignment: Assessing potential problems
  • Interactive ContentAssessing Potential Problems
  • Interactive ContentMechanical Systems
  • Interactive ContentPets and Activities
  • Interactive ContentConduct a Thorough Inspection of the Building Exterior
  • Interactive ContentPost Assessment Debrief
  • Interactive ContentActivities
  • FilePresentation slides for Managing Moisture
  • AssignmentAssignment: Managing moisture
  • Interactive ContentManaging Moisture
  • Interactive ContentManaging Moisture in Arid Climates
  • FilePresentation slides for Cooling and Ventilation in Hot Summer Climates
  • AssignmentAssignment: Cooling and Ventilating in Hot Summer Climates
  • Interactive ContentVentilation
  • Interactive ContentDIY Air Cleaner
  • AssignmentReflective Writing - Building Performance: Improving IAQ in Warm Climates
  • QuizFinal Exam - Building Performance: Improving IAQ in Warm Climates
  • QuestionnaireCourse Evaluation - Building Performance: Improving IAQ in Warm Climates